Respect Me

This space is reserved for two

And gets to be occupied by few

So when lightheartedness becomes rude

It begins to change my mood

Like how many times do I say enough?

Like why do you think I bluff

When I say I don’t like this?

All these viewpoints that you seem to miss

Sometimes I’m sour when I should feel bliss

But this won’t end anything and I’ll take it in stride

Like I always do because I’m along for the ride

But don’t get too comfortable with insensitivity

Or else you can get comfortable with my inactivity

When I don’t talk for days

And you can try many ways

But I won’t pick up

But we will make up

When I feel you have finally learned

And I feel like I will no longer be burned

So for now things are fine

But I will get what is mine

You will respect me

Or you and I will be history


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