Germaine and Sherry, Part II

Germaine has returned to the old folks home to volunteer…



Sherry: So anyways that’s why I’m not allowed to see my grandkids no more

Germaine: Literally no one brought up your grandkids. Why do you always bring that up? I said I had your CD!

Sherry: What? What CD?

Germaine: The Luther Vandross CD you asked for? Remember? The wall?

Sherry: Oh yeah that’s right! Well you got it, right? Cause if not you goin through a wall you fuckin beanstalk!

Germaine: I have the CD. Here!

Sherry: Ooo yes! Y’all young bloods don’t know nothin bout some Luther Vandross

Germaine: Yeah I know I had to use amazon prime to find it. People don’t even buy CDs anymore!

Sherry: What was that about Optimus Prime?

Germaine: I said I had to-nevermind…

Sherry: Go head and put this on the CD player for me other there

Germaine: …this is a record player…

Sherry: Yes…so play my Luther Vandross record…

Germaine: I…I don’t…are you serious?

Sherry: What’s the fuckin problem? Take ya Uncle Ben hands and put the damn record on!

Germaine: It’s a fucking record player you dumb bitch! This is a CD! Record players don’t play CDs!

Sherry: First off don’t be callin me no bitch in my own house and second, I told ya dumb ass to get me a Luther Vandross RECORD!!!

Germaine: Uh no you said Luther Vandross CD!!! If you said Luther Vandross record I would’ve known the difference!

Sherry: You fucking young motherfuckers don’t know good music anymore! I said get me a Luther Vandross RECORD and you bring me some CD like I know what to fucking do with that shit! Look at me. Does it look like I know what to do with that? Now go back to whatever Optimus Prime you used and get me my fucking Luther Vandross record!!!

Germaine: How am I even supposed to find that shit! I have no idea where to even get records!

Sherry: It’s called you shouldn’t have fucked up in the first place ya dumb shit! Talkin like this is my fucking problem!

Germaine: Listen, bitch. You said Luther Vandross CD so that’s what I brought you. Get it through your ancient skull that records aren’t a thing anymore. They haven’t been a thing for a long time!

Sherry: Who the fuck you callin ancient with ya wack ass jerry curl and twig body lookin emaciated like a motherfucker. You gotta lot of mouth for someone who needs to be getting me my Luther Vandross record!

Germaine: Look maybe I can-

Sherry: You got an A-track at least?

Germaine: I can’t do this right now. I’m leaving. Bye, sherry. Have a nice fucking day…

Sherry: I hope ya die dream killer!!!


To be continued…


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