Germaine & Sherry, Part I

Germaine volunteers at his local old folk’s home and enjoys or suffers through a meaningful or abusive relationship with one of the residents, Sherry. This dialogue takes place at the old folk’s home and is typical with them. Germaine and Sherry are both black.


Sherry: Boy if you don’t sit yo raggedy ass down lookin like Uncle Ben. I oughta pop you upside the head!

Germaine: Well at least I’m not sitting in this damn old people’s home with, with no chance of leaving!

Sherry: Really? That’s your comeback? I’ve heard better comebacks from Lucille and the bitch can’t even talk!

Germaine: well you-

Sherry: I mean really. It’s just a shit ton of hand gestures with her but she still got her slap-a-bitch hand! Ain’t need no mouth when the hand of God come slap you to the damn grave!

Germaine: Well I-

Sherry: And you need to learn how to dress. I mean look at yo damn socks. Got holes all in em like some crack head. Whatchu on some crack or somethin? Crack head lookin motherfucker!

Germaine: I’m not on crack!

Sherry: You sure? Cause just lookin at you makes me want to itch. All skin and bones and ashy like a fuckin chalk board. What’d yo teacher do? Wipe the damn chalk board off on yo bony ass? Chalk ass…

Germaine: It’s cold outside!

Sherry: Oh really? So that ain’t chalk residue all over yo damn legs? Get the hell out of here you ashy ass hole-in-the-sock wearin motherfucker! Talkin bout it’s cold outside.

Germaine: Shut up! You’re so old you probably knew Abe Lincoln!

Sherry: And you know what? He fo damn sure ain’t freed my ass so I had to sit here and listen to yo non-comeback havin ass try to fry me in my own damn house!

Germaine: This isn’t even your house. Other people live here too!

Sherry: And you ain’t my son but I’ll whoop you like you is. How you think I ended up in this place? It wasn’t by sparin bitch asses like you! It was this place or jail and I woulda beat a bitch ass in there too!

Germaine: You almost went to jail?

Sherry: Yeah I beat a boy’s ass real bad.

Germaine: Who?

Sherry: My grandson.

Germaine: Oh…

Sherry: Yeah…basically I told him if he didn’t stop jumpin on my bed that I’d whoop him into next week and he kept jumpin so I yanked him off the bed, channeled Jesus Christ himself and slapped him into a different family. And I don’t say that shit lightly cause he literally went through the damn wall and into the next apartment.

Germaine: Holy shit what’s wrong with you?

Sherry: Fuck you mean what’s wrong with me? Bitch was fuckin up my bed then fucked my wall up with his big ass head so who’s really the victim? Then the people next door all yellin talkin about they just moved in and they can’t afford to fix the wall. Well neither can I, bitch! Wouldn’t be no hole in the wall in the first place if jack goddamn rabbit hadda just sit his ass down like I told him to do! Got me all the way fucked up jumpin on my Martha Stewart sheets!

Germaine: Ok…well I’m going to go now so see you later. Try not to beat up any more people while I’m gone.

Sherry: And don’t be comin back here with holes in yo damn socks unless you wanna get torched again! Oh and bring me my Luther Vandross CD like I asked for last week. If you come without it next time you gon have to pick which one of these walls you finna go through!


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