All artists are sad or have been sad

Wow, beauty really is mad

Aren’t we all sad, just a tad?

Happy can’t last forever? Damn!

It’s a truth that is forever denied

If one is sad it is always kept inside

What a shame, you always have to hide

Well, you don’t have to hide

But exposure and pity coincide

And pity you will not have

You will not be felt sorry for

For your pride is overgrown

Emotion must never be shown

Because you are man?

Hold on

Don’t become heavy with stereotypes

Don’t give in to that fake hype

Own it

Show it

Feel it

Then destroy it

Have a fit

Be a misfit

But don’t hide it

For now it is strong

It is holding on

To the you that you want to be

Your old self is protected from yourself

From me?

Why from me?

Because now you are weak

But you must become strong

The strength has been inside you all along

So own it

Feel it

Show it

It may be hard now

But victory is around a corner

Maybe not the next corner

But a corner soon approaching


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